Q.What does traveling do?

A.traveling takes you to other states. you may only attack or mug other players that are in the same state as you. Also, there are diffrent shops in every state. lastly, there are diffrent quests to do in each state.

Q.How do i find people to mug and attack?

A. you can find people to mug or attack by using search. once you find someone that looks good. there are 2 links next to the name that let you attack or mug them. Another way to attack or mug them is to click on their profile, and below their profile picture are a few links. Ones you want will be attack the other will be mug.

Note:you need atleast 10 brave to mug, and atleast 25% energy to attack

Q. How do i put money in the bank?

A. First, you click explore from the menu on the left. Then, there will be a link that says City bank. Click on it. then put the amount of money you want to deposite in the box and click enter. thats how you deposite money.

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