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Section headingEdit

Main is the first item on the menu on the left of the firefight page once you log in. if you click main, it takes you to a page that shows most of your information. if you hover over Main with out clicking on it, a new menu comes up comtaining of five new options to click on. these include your prefrences, player report, help/TOS, game rules, and my profile.

Your PrefrencesEdit

If you click your prefrences from the main drop down menu, you go to a page that looks like this.


Change Main Menu

Change Stat Menu

Sex Change

Password Change

Name Change

Display Pic Change

Forum Info Change

Profile Signature

Change Secret Question

change main menuEdit

iIf you click change main menu, it takes you to a page that has this...

You can change between the old menu and new menu here.

Do you want to change your main menu?

Yes! | No thanks

this allows you to change the menu to the new or old version

Change Stat MenuEdit

If you click Change Stat Menu, it takes you to a page that has this....

You can see bars for stats or numbers. It's your choice.
Change | No thanks

this is pretty self explanitory

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